Friday, August 14, 2009

Other Fair Photos

Brian and I had a really nice time at the fair with Aunt Jean (even if I didn't win the cinnamon roll competition). Here are a few pictures from the day.

Hanging out with Aunt Jean was a big highlight! Brian's priority was food. Here he is with a gyro. And a "walking taco". This fair food is made by taking a small bag of Doritos, crushing the chips, opening the bag, adding taco meat, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, and salsa. You eat it with a folk right of the the bag. And Aunt Jean introduced us to "ribbon fries." Yum-o! One of my favorite things to see was a life size cow made out of butter!
Seeing the animals is always fun too . I like the little goats and the chickens best. This goat is only a few days old. He was born at the fair!
After saying goodbye to Aunt Jean, Brian and I rode the skytram back closer to where we parked. (How's that for lazy?) It did offer a nice view of the fair. Now, where did we park?
A fun (and tiring day)!


Ryan + Louise said...

I'm glad the walking tacos had lettuce. That makes them healthy! Hope - did you have an elephant ear? Makes me think of happy days at the Hillsdale County Fair. The most popular fair on earth, as I recall. Remember Steve Vear and the indian headbands? GOOD GOSH.

jenrust said...

I remember visits to the Illinois state fair and the butter cow! Iowa's version is just as lovely!

Also nice to see Aunt Jean's smiling face!

Makes me wish I lived closer to you guys!

Tim and Faith said...

I love the Tram- that's SO cool!

Ebie said...

does every state fair have a butter cow? or just the midwest? i think i need to make the butter cow my official animal.