Monday, May 31, 2010

silly dog photos

Poor dogs, with all my spare time this weekend I took at lot of photos- many of them silly ones of them. Here's Mattie helping me plant flowers. She's a good helper and seldom asks for anything.
Dawson, on the other hand, is pretty demanding. His favorite pastime is begging for whatever we're eating. For example, a muffin. Here's his "I'm so hungry I could eat the coffee table" look that he usually uses on me.He's no dope, though, and has perfected his begging to fit his audience. This is his "I really feel like you need to share your muffin" look that he gives to Brian (who seldom, if ever, falls for it).
Yes, he eventually got the muffin, but had to split it with Mattie.

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jenrust said...

The top dog picture... awesome! love the wimsical perspective!