Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last weekend we headed out to Seth and Michelle's for a few days. Aunt Judy, Uncle Kevin, Matthew, Andrew, and Alyssa were going to be there too, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. It was a little family reunion!

We have a bakery in Fort Dodge that make adorable cookies, so we brought some with us. We picked out frogs for James, butterflies for Harmony, and flowers for Gabby. Yum!This is what happens when you leave frosted cookies unattended on the kitchen counter. I think Brian was the culprit. Seems like something he would do. Gabby...still cute.
James...still cute.
Harmony...still cute.
Brian and I had a great time watching James' and Harmony's first t-ball game. They did a great job! James was a fantastic hitter.
Harmony was speedy.Although we didn't spend nearly enough time with Kevin, Judy, and the kids, it was wonderful to see them and catch up in person (rather than on Facebook). Thanks for making the trip out to Ohio! Hope you see you again soon!

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