Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting on Parts

So I took the dogs to the lake this morning, they enjoyed running around in the rain. They seemed to be pretty tiered so now what?

Its still raining so lets work on the Willys! It's been awhile since I have done any wrenching on the CJ-2a, but if I am ever going to drive this thing, I need to get back to work on it. Its been awhile since I have posted anything on it so here is a refresher, this is what it use to look like

Someday hopefully it will look similar, but drivable. Anyway flash forward to present day and a messy garage. I am working on getting the front end ready for the parts I ordered. Once I get the parts the front end can go back in the frame and I will have a rolling chassis again! Then on to the brakes.

Front of the frame is painted.

Front diff taken apart. Parts somewhat organized so I can remember what goes where. And for the Willys geeks (only two of which I know of, yes Ryan you are one of them) I found a seal with an f stamp, and I thought the plates that said "bendix joint" on them were cool.

All in all a good day, now just waiting on parts!


Mom and Dad said...

Great Post! Very informative.


Ryan + Louise said...

I've always said that a Willy is not a Willy without an authentic bendix joint plate... (Ryan)