Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Summer: Visiting the Other Iowa Bickmeiers

After returning home from visiting the Baylor's, we hopped down to southeast Iowa to visit Aunt Jean and Uncle Gary, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Chuck and their daughter Christy. We always have a wonderful time when we hang out with the Bickmeier side of the family. We seem have a lot in common and a plenty to talk about. We did some shopping, ate cheese curds, and spent time on the swing in front of the acreage, watching the dogs play. It was a relaxing and fun weekend.

We're always interested to see Uncle Gary and Aunt Jean's garden. This year they had some impressive corn stalks. They even made Brian look small!
The blackberries are also good size. I could have eaten them forever. So tasty!
Uncle Gary had been talking about a contraption he bought that allows him to safely bike with his dog Carl. He uses this method to keep Carl in shape for hunting season. After Carl demonstrated how it works for Mattie and Dawson...
Uncle Gary hooked up Mattie to try. Mattie thought the harness way okay, but refused to run by the bike. She hated it and wanted no part of the activity.
Then we hooked up Dawson. He ended up being the star of the show! While not as good a bird dog as Mattie, he'll do whatever you tell him to do, so he was happy to go on a little ride with Brian. Good dog! (It isn't very often that he shows up Mattie.)
I didn't take too many photos of our visit (which ended up being somewhat short because of our flooded basement), but I had to get a shot of this delicious watermelon we enjoyed (with salt) the evening before we left. Summertime in Iowa is sweet!
We're looking forward to our next weekend out to southeast Iowa and the next time we can hang out with the Bickmeier side of the family. :)

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