Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corn Maze

Brian has a few days off, so we took the opportunity before leaving Iowa to visit a corn maze. Interestingly enough we had to drive 2 hours to find one that was open on a weekday. You'd think finding a corn maze in Iowa would be cake. Not so the case.

This particular maze was at Pumpkinland in Orange City, Iowa.       
The maze took us about an hour to complete, even with a map.
I can see how a family could get lost in a cornmaze. It all looks the same and you can easily get turned around.
Philip was pretty excited and loved watching the corn blow in the wind. (Sorry this photo is sideways. For whatever reason blogger isn't cooperating with this one picture.)
Brian was an awesome map-reader.
And he made a pretty good scarecrow too!
Wait up!
There were 6 mailboxes hidden in the maze that we needed to find in order to win a prize. We found all six and got snacks for the long ride home.
Made it!
And, of course, we had to take Philip's photo by the "How Tall This Fall?" sign. Looks like he's pushing 2 feet!
Brian wishing he was at the 7 foot mark.
It was an incredibly sunny day, but we wanted a picture of Philip by the pumpkins and mums.
Eventhough the sun was in his eyes, he didn't complain.
A fun outing spending time together as a family. We're all looking forward to spending more time together when we get back to Fairbanks and Brian's days off aren't so few and far between.

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laura said...

did you hear about the couple here in MA who called police when they got lost in a corn maze? hahaha