Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've been pulling out some of Philip's toys that he's been too little to play with until now. His favorite this week is a set of soft letters. They're great to chew on (apparently) and easy for him to pick up. And he can reach them from his little seat.                                                             
G is for "Gee I like being a big kid. Being able to reach what I want is awesome!"
Q is for "Quick, Mom, finish taking pictures so I can get back to playing."
"Wow, these fingers are turning out to be pretty useful. Sweet!" 
 M is for "Mmmmm".
There's so much to figure out when you're a baby. How thrilling that we get to help Philip learn all this stuff!

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laura said...

we have the same letters (from aunt sue, right?) and both kids love them. they will stick on the side of the tub wall for more fun!