Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Although we didn't do any trick or treating (and didn't have any stop at our house), Philip dressed up (briefly) as a spider for the holiday. Michelle sent the costume last year, so it was nice that it fit. It seemed like a nice tribute to our old friend "Spidee", who passed away earlier this year.

Sometimes Philip gets his balance right and sits up on his own. Other times he slumps and falls over. Who ever heard of a spider sitting up anyway? 
Philip was very patient and humored me during this photo session, until he got too hot in the costume (which didn't take long at all)
Cutest spider ever, right?
 Trick or treat!
Happy Halloween everyone! 


laura said...

he's definitely way cuter than spidee.

Hope said...

I think so too, Laura.

jenrust said...

I agree - no contest - Philip wins in the cute contest of spiders.